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Automatic Box Transport System

  • It is an automatic box transport trolley used in automatic pallet transport system, which is controlled by a special software.
  • It can automatically bring small products in and out quickly.
  • The difference from Junior is that Junior is designed for heavily loaded pallets, while the Karınca is designed for lighter loads with boxes and packages.
  • It can be used on one axis or in a much more complex system.
  • It can automatically bring materials in and out very quickly.
  • Warehouse racks are compressed into a narrow space and saves a lot of space.
  • Since there is no need for manpower in the places where the Karınca Shuttle is used, the area where people will enter can be used as storage place and the occupational accidents involving people are reduced to almost zero.
  • Since the system operates in a non-light environment, there is no need for lighting. This significantly reduces working place costs.
  • In this system, since the Karınca gets and puts all the products, the system knows the inventory of the goods inside, and no counting is required.
  • It carries materials up to 50 kilograms on one axis and can pick up and drop material on the second axis.
  • Enables intensive storage of small boxes. Allows use in a very narrow corridor.
  • It is a very economical automation solution since the initial investment cost is kept low according to the need and then additional Karınca’s can be added as the need increases.