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Drive-in Racking System

Drive-in Racking System is a system in which the same pallets are stored in depth without blank by forklift. Racks are arranged adjacent to each other.

The lowest row is also a corridor through which the forklift can enter and exit. This system is called drive-in because the forklift comes in. The storing vehicles use the loading channels as a corridor to fill them from the back to the front. Rails are used instead of travers for loading in the system. With the help of guide rails placed on the ground, they enter and exit the channels and store the pallets as blocks on specially shaped profiles deep in the system. There are corridor gaps between units in the system.

A guide rail must be provided at the edges to ensure smooth movement within the corridor. The pallets in the modules are placed on the galvanized pallet sheets placed on the right and left on the floors.


Maximum utilization of storage space.

Minimum corridor width requirement.

Provides block storage of materials.

Flexibility to produce at different heights and depths.

Directly access to all materials.

Adding or removing modules.

Compatible with all types of forklifts.

Ability to use multiple tunnels with a single stacking device.

Wide range of accessories.

Adjustable floor height.

Easy installation and uninstallation.

Drive-in Racking System

Drive-in Racking System is a system that provides maximum benefit from the field in storing the same size, same products type in accordance with first in first out (LIFO) and first in first out (FIFO) systems. Ideal for businesses with regular product circulation. It is used very efficiently when the storage is made in the form of blocks, when it is desired to store seasonal products, such as the storage of raw materials and semi-finished products, and where the storage of materials as blocks is appropriate.

Drive-in Raf Sistemi
Drive-in Raf Sistemi
Drive-in Raf Sistemi
Drive-in Raf Sistemi