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Heavy Duty Sliding Racks

The Heavy Duty Sliding Rack System has roll lines placed on a certain inclination above the shelf channels, enabling controlled movement of the pallets by the force of gravity, allowing the loads to move from the entrance to the exit.In this system, while loading the shelf blocks from one directionevacuation from the other direction takes place.

The same type of products enables stocked with FIFO method.

The system used for palletized products; it consists of feet forming a deep channel and rolls arranged inclined between these feet.

% 3-4 flow with inclined rolls and shipping pallets quickly and advantageously. The pallet behind the pallet, which is picked up from the pre-dispatch area by forklift, is immediately ready. Shipment is easier because the pallets follow each other.

With the brake drums in the system, the pallets are kept under control slip rate. Thus, the pallets move along a long channel without damage.


  • Fast, secure order preparation and secure shipment.
  • Works according to FIFO principle.
  • There are no gaps in the shelves during load unloading.
  • Optimum use of field height.
  • Allows pallets to be removed from the shelf without consuming any energy.
  • Increases efficiency in inventory control.
  • Maximum volume usage.

Sliding Racking Systems

It used in all industrial areas and distribution sectors (food, automotive, pharmaceutical industry, chemical, etc.). In particular, it is also ideal for storing non-durable consumer goods.

For palletized heavy products.

Ağır Yük Kayar Raf Sistemi
Ağır Yük Kayar Raf Sistemi
Ağır Yük Kayar Raf Sistemi