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Multi Layer Light Duty Mezzanine Racking System

Multi Layer Light Duty Mezzanine Racking System to increase storage space, suspended floors, by creating extra floor space to existing buildings, the building does not need to expand or new buildings. With more than 40 years of experience, Pektas offers you the best solution from a single supplier in a system related to its products.

Pektaş’s Multi Layer Light Duty Mezzanine Racking System is a system made with perforated metals specially designed for walkways, lighting, ventilation and fire safety.

By adding a load elevator to the appropriate parts of the system, material stock and shipment can be made faster and healthier.


  • By doubling the available space in two or even three, uses vertical space of the warehouse
  • Creates extra floor space in your existing building.
  • It provides cost-effective expansion without the need to expand or build new buildings.
  • Fast, clean and robust installation.
  • It can be designed for your business with different sizes and flooring types.
  • Walkways, lighting, ventilation and fire safety are available.
  • Platforms surrounded by guardrails create a safe workplace for storage, retrieval and walking.