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Narrow Corridor Racking System

In this system, racks are higher than 9 meters. Because of using “high-altitude stacker (Forklift)”among the corridors, the width of system’s corridor is the narrowest.

In Narrow Corridor Racking Systems,narrow space in the corridors between the racks only high-altitude stacking devices (forklifts) are using. This devices operate at narrow corridors without turning around. Because of this reason,it is adequate in naroow corridors that normal stack machines couldn’t turning around. The conventional stacker (forklifts), which assists the system, can only exchange pallets from the main transfer corridor (waiting consoles). Depending on the properties of the high-altitude stacker (Forklift), operating in a narrow space, it may be necessary to install a guide rail (guide rail) between the corridors.


  • Maximum Capacity (especially using height adventage in high storage buildings).
  • Saves space because stacking devices using narrower corridor.
  • Quick access to every product.
  • Narrower corridor compared to classical shelf system.
  • Possibility to switch to fully automatic shelf system (upon request).
  • Economic in staff providence.

Narrow Corridor Racking System

This system is very advantageous in high and large volume warehouses. However, stacking devices (forklifts) that operate in confined spaces, required.

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