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Reks Type Racks

It is one of the best solutions that can be used in every sector where a wide variety of products are needed to be stored in different storage positions in a single warehouse, as is applied in the spare parts warehouses of the main automotive sector.

Reks Type Racking System developed by Pektaş and generally used in automotive spare parts warehouses. It is a Pektas solution created by completely modular plug-in assembly without bolted connection in the system.


  • Enables storage of a wide variety of small products.
  • Multiple floors can be done. Efficient use of the storage volume.
  • Load can be transported between floors by elevator.
  • It offers flexibility in height and depth according to the product type.
  • Addressing provides easy access to products.
  • Easy to install.
  • Product dimensions can be changed. Parts can be divided in itself.
  • Back and sides are closed.
  • The optional module can be added or removed.
Reks Tipi Raflar
Reks Tipi Raflar
Reks Tipi Raflar
Reks Tipi Raflar