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Semi Automatic Pallet Transport System

It is an automatic pallet transport trolley used in the automatic pallet transport system, which is controlled by a special software, which is sufficient for the operation of a very narrow corridor going on a single axis. It can be used on a stand-one axis or in a much more complex system.

It can automatically bring materials in and out very quickly. Warehouse racks are compressed into a narrow space and saves a lot of space.

Since there is no need for manpower in the places where the Junior Shuttle is used, the area where people will enter can be reserved and the occupational accidents involving people are reduced to almost zero. Since the system operates in a non-light environment, there is no need for lighting. This significantly reduces operating costs.

In this system, because the Junior gets and puts all the products, the system knows the inventory of the products inside, so there is no need to count.

Shuttle System

It has five important functions:
Automatically transport material from one place to another.
Loading pallets in rack.
Retrieving pallet from rack.
Counting pallets in rack.
Arrange the rack forward or backward, can be put at the other end of the shelf.