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Supply Logistics and Material Entry

Supply logistics, inbound logistics, means the transportation, storage and delivery of the products to the using place. The logistics of incoming and outgoing pruducts are combined under supply chain management.

With 40 years of experience, Pektaş understands and provides the most appropriate solutions to ensure that logistics managers need to maximize the reliability and efficiency of their distribution networks while minimizing transportation and storage costs. From the planning stage of the logistics network, it provides consultancy services to its customers and supports its customers at every stage from planning the most optimal solutions to realization.

Relationship between incoming and outgoing logistics, timing and reliability can be achieved by developing a comprehensive supply chain management strategy. For optimal solutions, please call us when you are in the planning stage.

Supply Logistics

Pektaş will be pleased to help you to solve all kinds of Supply Logistics needs of your company from most known and unknown manual solutions, conveyor systems, automatic shuttle systems and robotic solutions and software in the most convenient and economical way.